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Founded in infinity and born in 2020...

Blue Savannah Sky was forged during what shall be historically known as the "Biblical Lockdown". With many businesses closing their doors we were opening ours. Learning to live in Life 2.0 (earth re-loaded) we knew that we needed to do things differently, with greater courage, bravery and with a sustainable footprint.

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Julien has 31 years’ experience in the travel industry. He brings a diverse knowledge of this ever-changing industry. His experience includes: Inbound Tourism, MICE (inauguration of ex-President Mr Nelson Mandela 1994, Rugby World Cup 1995, Bill Clinton's trade visit to Johannesburg 1998, ICC Cricket World Cup 2003, IPL 2009, YPO AFSE, FIFA Confederations Cup 2019, FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010), Ground Operations, Logistics, Procurement, Training, Tour Design, Travel Management, Operational Health and Safety, Customer Success Management, OTAs, OTOs, Tourist Guiding (field & cultural), Turnkey Technological Innovations, Destination Management, Coaching, Car Rental, Transportation Charter (Air, Land & Sea) and Crisis Management. They are also both SA Specialists and SA Experiences Specialists.

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Julien Janssen is an energetic, dynamic, and structured entrepreneur with pride and integrity applied to all his endeavours. Julien is a lateral thinker, a team player, and a natural leader with the skills to stimulate and motivate creative ideas in both his superiors and subordinates. Julien firmly believes in the empowerment of people for their personal growth purposes as well as prosperity and wealth for his company or institution.
Julien is a perfectionist and he welcomes positive and negative criticism – without it, there will never be the desired perfection. Julien Janssen does not believe that any task is "beneath" anyone, i.e., getting his hands dirty with his subordinates today and presenting a strategic business plan to a board of shareholders the next day is a natural course of his business values.
All in all, Julien has over 30-years of experience in the facets of changing business. Julien has vision and insight and believes that impossible is nothing – as soon as Julien thinks he knows everything, he has either stagnated or failed to see the bigger picture and should move out of the way for proactive growth and/or change to prevail. All is fair in business as long as it is insightful, progressive, sustainable, realistic, lawful, and profitable. Collaboration with all motivated people is a spatial awareness skill that Julien possesses as he navigates and embraces the fourth industrial revolution. Julien works well with folks across all spectrums of their chosen individuality and age association.

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Julien Janssen

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